A man just brought us rhubarb and other stories: The things that keep you going to work every day.

I’ve been here at Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice for a month now. It’s a big change for me and certainly not boring. What has impacted on me so far is the commitment and care: from the nursing, support, fundraising and medical staff who put individuals at the heart of everything they do, to the volunteers who give their time to wash-up, sort donations and answer the phone. To the lovely man who just brought some rhubarb from his garden for the chef to use.

What aligns all of these people is that our hospice is part of them, if they have something to give, be it time, energy, money or rhubarb- they think of Sue Ryder Wheatfields.

I love that, I love that others care so much, it makes me incredibly proud to be here.

I’ve had a great week. On Wednesday I went to the first Women’s Lives Leeds Forum. 70 women from varying backgrounds coming together to prioritise issues for women and girls across our city. I’m really very excited about the work we are going to do, and still can’t quite believe I get to be the Chairwoman😊

And here at Sue Ryder, staff have been compiling all the nominees for the Yorkshire Women of Achievemnt Awards for the judging panel, I know they are going to have a difficult job. There are so many women doing amazing things across our region.

I’m looking forward to a restful weekend, but who can blame me for looking forward to Monday!


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Hospice Director at Sue Ryder Wheatfields, feminist, mum of twins, committed to working together to ensure a sustainable, high quality voluntary sector.

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