Giving time can mean so much

It’s volunteer week, yay!
A chance to shout about people who give their time and expertise to help charities and public services across the country.

In my time I’ve busked on street corners for HIV awareness, danced for famine relief, been a school governor and a trustee for a few charities. All different things, that I enjoyed and more importantly, supported organisations and causes I believed in.

In all the places I’ve worked I’ve seen the passion, dedication and value that volunteers add. At Leeds Women’s Aid, I was always humbled by women who came to train and volunteer on our domestic violence helpline, often having experienced such violence themselves. Rather than trying to forget they wanted to give back to the organisation that helped them and support women trapped in a place they had once been themselves.

Within Women’s Lives Leeds, women and girls from across the city are giving their time to ensure that the project really delivers for some of the most vulnerable women in our city.

And here, at Sue Ryder Wheatfields Hospice . Many of our volunteers have family and friends who have been cared for at the hospice. But instead of trying g to forget about us and their grief, they come back time and time again, to help us do what we did for their loved ones.

The man who maintains the fish tank on our in-patient, the people who serve food and do the washing up and the many volunteers who give their time to make events such as Yorkshire Women of Achievement such a success. Many of our staff even give extra time to volunteer in different areas of the hospice.

I truly salute you. It’s because of you we can do what we do.

If you’ve ever thought about volunteering but don’t know what you could do, there will be something, I promise! Please do contact your local volunteering centre or call the charities you support, without you our services really are not the same.


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Hospice Director at Sue Ryder Wheatfields, feminist, mum of twins, committed to working together to ensure a sustainable, high quality voluntary sector.

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